Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Baby It's Cold Outside" revisited

"The Rufies Song (Date Rape Ditty)."

(Some of you might have already heard/read my thoughts on this matter.)

These are the lyrics as I recall them:

Female: I gotta go.

Male: Aw, stay, its cold.

Female: No really, gotta go.

Male: The windchill makes it even more frigid.

Female: My father, mother, brother, sister, and neighbors all know where you live.

Male: In here it is warm.

Female: Maybe just a half a drink more…oh god, stop looking at me like that…

Male: Bbrrrrrrrrrrr....

Female: Say- what's in this drink?

Male: Gosh your lips look delicious.

Female: Are you touching me?! I feel numb, and sleepy. So tired…

Male: What's the sense in hurting my pride.

Female: No means no.

Male: You mean, "No, you're not going outside because of the inclement whether?"

Female: I am calling the police right now…

Male: If you caught pneumonia and died it would totally bum me out.

Female: That's so sweet! Ok I'll stay!

Cop: Is there a problem here?

Female: Sorry officer, its all a misunderstanding.

Cop: Ok then! Bye!

Male: But officer its cold outside...

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Reen said...

I love it!