Saturday, February 9, 2008

Remember Hampster Dance?

I thought of it while doing a bit that involved mocking my friend for still using Hotmail. Remember Hotmail?

I went on The old hamsters have been "upgraded" with well-animated, marketable hamsters that I immediately began to resent. There are four of them, they are in a band, and they all have cute names that have a little TM after them. Puh-lease.

I thought to myself, "I miss the old, original Hampsterdance." I also thought "Why is it that when you want to animate something as female, you just give it long eyelashes?"

Anyway... I found that they have a page with the old, original Hampsterdance!

Thank you Hampsterdance!


(yeah I know I don't know what's up with the spelling of "hamster" either.)


Josh said...

Listen, Hotmail is a fine mail service, and one that I have used since nineteen ninety--wait for it--seven. It has all the functions one would need in an electronic correspondence service: inbox, sent box, junk box, trash, reply all, cc, bcc. I'm not going to go changing just because some new gmail fad comes along, and I resent this characterization of Josh As Luddite, especially from one who would so carelessly offer the Hamster Dance as nostalgia, while ignoring the significant cultural impact of Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Jonnie said...

I resent the long eyelashes as well. I am of the male persuasion of the homo sapien species. I have eyelashes that get tangled on each other on an hourly basis,(it's annoying and to get them untangled I have to do this weird thing with my eyes that makes people assume I am rolling my eyes at them)**

Also Hamster Dance and Peanut Butter Jelly Time will never beat my all time favorite...Dancing Baby, as made famous by the smash hit Ally McBeal

**side note: 85% of the time I AM rolling my eyes at them.

rich said...

badger badger badger > hamster dance

Maureen said...

I have never heard of this hampster dance before, but I think I hate it.

Spinning said...

The woman who designed the original "Hampster Dance" had a hamster named Hampton - that's where the title came from. Her site also had pages with photos of Hampton, info. on hamster care and diet, etc.

all long gone, unfortunately.