Friday, April 25, 2008

The Cioci

I try not to get personal on this and keep it just random humor pieces, but I just found out that my Cioci passed away a few hours ago. 'Cioci' means 'aunt' in Polish,in this case great-aunt, but she was more of a grandmother to me. She was a great and incredibly funny lady and I will miss her very much.

Now, onto the humor part.... My sister Erin (who spells Cioci with an e for some reason) spent some time with Cioci last week. This is the exact email I got from her the next day.

Subject: Ciocie Speaks

Some of my gems from yesterday…

Erin: Cioc, want some juice?
Ciocie: Yeah, might as well get drunk.

Erin: Cioc, the Pope is coming to town.
Ciocie: Yeah, well, we paid his way. He wouldn’t be coming if we didn’t pay for it.

Erin: Cioc, all these game shows on tv, I never knew anyone on one – did you?
Ciocie: Nah…that’s all just for rich people.

Erin: Cioc, want another pillow? Want to sit up more?
Ciocie: Nah, I’m not a princess.

Erin: My parents are stopping by this afternoon.
Ciocie: My daughter must be sleeping in really late today.

Erin and Ciocie are watching this news story about some horrible crime.
Erin: How about that story, Cioc?
Ciocie: Yea, that guy had 6 sons and one daughter. Rich man!

Erin: Hungry for some more toast and jam, Cioc?
Ciocie: Not right now.
Erin: My mom made some cakes – want some of them?
Ciocie: Smiles and Yeah, that sounds good, alright.
Erin: Here’s the cake Cioc.
Ciocie: Nah, not right now.


Erin said...

I spell it with an "e" because that's the righte waye to spell ite. duhe.

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